Blue and White 2008

Blue and White Weekend 2008

Blue and White weekend was a wonderful experience to have had the pleasure of attending for the most part. Some of the things I witnessed though seem to be questions that need to be answered. Here in North Carolina when we see soror or frat, we speak, we hug, grip whatever you want to do…but we just don’t walk by with out any recognition at all. It seemed to run rampant at the hotels, and the events, everything. It seemed like people were more focused on their chapters than on the actual organizations. I know that I’m not a very social person but dang, I even would speak to people. It seemed to me it was all about whatever region, coast, state, or something you were from. Where was the unity, if we are the only constitutionally bound organization why can’t we all just get along? Why did I witness sorors fighting in the parking lot, frat arguing over stupid stuff, and so much more examples of why we are not unified? Another thing that I know that I was taught was that you respect the people who came before you, if you sitting in the front seat and frat from the 90’s comes along for the ride your just made behind better get up and move on to the back. I felt bad for the old heads that were there to see how there respective organizations were being represented. I saw so many things that my old heads would have slapped me in the mouth for (not in the literal sense, non hazing org). Why would you be trying to advertise your ass, and or penis at the various events that were held? Where was the finerwomanhood and brotherhood, it had clearly been left at home during last week. Another thing that irked all of my nerves was the way frat was treating sorors. We are not the meat department of your local Harris Teeter; you don’t just grab a piece test it then throws it back in for another pack. What the hell is wrong with yall, just because we are your sisters doesn’t mean you get a free pass to have sex with us. Is it really that hard to respect us as women first, then as your soror, and not as a cutty buddy? Do you know how many times I heard frat saying look at that ass, man I’d love to taste that, oh man if only you knew the things I would do to you. I’m not saying that all of my frat was all about getting some booty while they were at Blue and White but most were. I met a lot of respectable bruhs, one for instance was a dentist not once did he try to cop a feel or try to get the panties, I met Mr. Page 110 of Ebony (I’m just playing) one of the most eligible bachelors Douglas Moore Jr. He was so nice and sincere in person, it was nice being around a person you can have an actual conversation with even though I was picking on him most of the time. He was respectable and just about enjoying himself. I hope you don’t mind frat that I put your name all up in my note like that. When you look at it though you can’t really blame it all on frat, because sorors had to be willing to put themselves in the situation to begin with so all of this could happen. Why were people acting like we were in the freaking playboy mansion, it seemed like every where you turned there were orgies about to happen. I know the first night I got there I wanted to go home so bad, that one of my friends was going to buy me a bus ticket home. I know everyone comes down to Florida to have fun but can we respect ourselves in the process. Why did frat come up to me at the pajama party/swim suit party and tell me my breast was out and then proceed to try to pull my top down. I was like Whiskey Tango Foxtrot. Didn’t your mother teach you better than that; you wouldn’t do your real sister like so don’t that the mess to me either. Oh yea P.S. third floor this is for you DISCRETION is the KEY. Now everything at Blue and white was not a disappointment. I thoroughly enjoyed bonding with my blue and white LS Akeera; we were like some conjoined twins out there. I enjoyed the people I rode with to Florida. I want to thank Martin for putting up with all of our drama and craziness while on the trip. You didn’t have to do it, you didn’t have to plan the trip, you didn’t have to do a lot but you did it anyway, and I really respect you for that. I enjoyed being around Tyrone “where the liquor store is, Tequila??” or “Hey Taint” lmao, man you had us all rolling. I enjoyed sleeping on the floor every night oh how exciting >:O, or how it felt like hell during the day time and Antarctica in the Hotel room. LA frat you guys were crazy, I’m mad you had shirts for every occasion though. We not even going to speak on the 3rd floor that was the floor for pure madness. Special shout out to my girls Vic, Samantha, and Akeera all three of you are a trip. I don’t think I could have made it if you three wouldn’t have been there. I would like to tell my frat that was wearing the cowboy hat with no shirt on, *steps on soap box* you are sexy lol *steps off*. There were so many fun times that need reliving, luggage falling off of the truck into the highway, bathroom stops on I-95, the bathroom that had a makeshift curtain in the stall trying to make it look a window, the adventures Ty went through for some chips, dip, and orange Gatorade, bad road signs how you going to say no left no right but the road is one way, walking around after the party for like an hour trying to find Ty after his Wal-Mart adventure, hearing people ask are you with those Blue Nigga yeah they said them blue niggas, or the high school girls at the pool party asking us were we with them girls in which she proceeded to throw up the sign, or the other girl saying are you a Zigma. How we couldn’t get a key card to go get some food, frat that was playing the violin you doing big things, when computer games come on you BETTER move out the way of get stomped on. I had fun seeing frat from NC, I somewhat missed you guys well at least some of you (jk). Frat crazy ass pretending to be drunk/sleep so he could listen to my argument…thanks for what you told me afterward cause you was right it wasn’t worth me getting upset at all : ) Foxtrot that negro lol. Arkansas (hey Robert) frat thanks for helping your soror out because we was going to be some wet blankets that last night otherwise, but then the party turned out to be kinda wack. Quinton thanks for offering your room to me the last night my I was tired of sleeping on that dirty floor. So next year I am ready for another round of adventures to happen in Gainesville, but I’m also looking forward to BLUE AND WHITE WEEKEND IN THE BAHAMAS. Get your passports now, it is going to be crazy best believe it. This time everybody save MONEY, we all can’t be broke again lol.

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