Things I like about MEN…

Some of the things I love about men….


  1. A mans smile what can I say no matter what I’m feeling like sometimes all a man has to do is flash a sexy smile and I’ll almost melt. Smiles are just so sexy to me, sometimes and I stress sometimes they can make even the ugliest man look sexy. Then when they get that smirk where they looking at you like they have some real sneaky stuff on there mind ohh wee.
  2. When you take off that shirt and I see your toned back….that right there is sexy. Backs in general are sexy, especially when you stretch and start moving around and you can see the muscles manipulating and you can see the sweat glistening off their bodies. Strong backs, light ones, dark ones, muscle bond ones, even the skinny ones (and sometimes they are the best). Back are sexy
  3. The thing I love is the kiss. The kiss can make or break a man for me. I think my lips are a nice size and are perfectly made to fit unto the lips of others lol. I love that tingle that runs through your body when you kiss certain people. I love the way my heartbeat speeds up at the thought of having a passionate kiss with a person who I like. Man I love the unexpected kisses. Some people really can kiss, and some only can kiss well at other times. I enjoy the way his lips will fit into mine, the way you lightly kiss my neck. I love the feeling of our bodies pressed against each other as we come in close to lock up. I love the way I feel you breathing faster in anticipation of the moment our lips touch. I love that slight pause right before you kiss someone. If you can’t kiss then we can’t date…real talk. I thought back on some of the best kisses of my life…and those thing were amazing. When you get that tingle down your spine you know you did something right.
  4. You know another thing that gets me…when I see a man and I get up close to him. And you take in the aroma that permeates from him OMG.  A man that smells good is a great thing. I remember this one man I talked to before he always wore this one cologne…I don’t want to say what b/c he is the only dude that I know that wears that. I would walk through the halls and know that he had been through; I think that his scent made me like him more than I normally would. Man I loved the way he smelled. I would be walking in the mall or somewhere and as soon as I caught a whiff of that I always thought of him. Smell is one of the things that can bring so many memories. You know another thing is that fresh out the shower smell, the smell of a freshly soaped up body all moisturized up….is overwhelming.
  5. Education. Brains=Sexy in my book.
  6. Confidence is a thing many people can fake but only a few can pull off. I like a man who knows that he can do what ever he wants if he puts his mind to it. A man that is confident in his self to know how to make me feel like a queen. When you’re confident in your self that right there is remarkable to me. I love the feeling of being on the side of a strong secure determined man.
  7. Rainbows….you know what I love about men is that they come in so many shades and textures. I think of myself as an equal opportunity dater. I feel the need to embrace ALL RACES, and nationalities. I date outside the box because you can learn so much from just dating people who are different than you. It just seems that people around *cough cough THE SOUTH cough cough* don’t seem to fully embrace dating outside your race entirely.
  8. Motivation. A motivated man is extremely appealing in my eyes. It shows me your not lazy, you striving for the things that you want done or want to do in your life.
  9. I love a man who can be a man. Every woman I know is all about being independent and more power to that but sometimes; I like to come home to a man who is in control. We can both play the role sometimes, but it’s just something about a man telling you what’s going to happen. I love men who can make you feel secure and know when to take charge.

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