Women like Sex

Some people tend to fail to understand that we as women are sexual creatures. We enjoy the occasional romp in the hay, just like any man would…but why is it when we as females feel the need to express and enjoy the sexuality that is us we are looked down on. How is it that a woman can sleep with the same number of men and be seen as a slut by women and men alike???? I look at our over sexed society and its sad. When you look at fashions for little kids all of it is mad to look like mini hoochies, or mini gangstas. Why can’t people make music videos where I don’t have to look at nothing but booty and boobs? Women are seen as sexual creatures by everyone, I don’t care how many times people tell you they don’t see you in that light they do they are lying. But as much as we are looked at as sexual, there’s this hidden guilt inside of us when we want to experience our sexuality. I remember one of my friends told me that somebody thought I was crazy because my poetry back in the day had a mostly sexually context. How does that make one crazy that they are comfortable enough with themselves to explore the sexual outputs of the mind? I’m not ashamed of the person that I am, or the things that I have done. Don’t be scared to show the world that you are a woman. To many years we have been silent while men tell us how to act, how we should carry ourselves, who we can marry. We as women are liberated, enjoy the freedom that you have, that many around the world could only wish for. If you like sex, then damnit you like sex…you not weird your not a freak, you are a human being. Men are not holding back their sexuality. A man will tell you what they want, how they want it, everything. Have you ever seen a man not satisfied after they were done, no it’s usually you laying there like are you done, you sure that’s all. Yall better learn how to speak up. I refuse to be that woman.Women always act like it something bad to admit that they have ever even contemplated something sexual. You can’t pretend that you don’t some of the stuff you hear your girlfriends talking about. Let me guess you’re probably the one who is always like eww you did what. Men enjoy the stuff just like we do, hell they enjoy it more most of the time, but the thing is they want you to be Ms Sweet girl next door during the day and then when them lights turn off they want Ms Freak of the week. How many years are you going to hide behind what society expects of you. Look I’m not saying go out there screwing everybody you see because if you do that then you are dumb. You’re dumb not because you’re exploring your sexuality your dumb because you don’t know what these fools got. Start looking at things as being natural, it’s not nasty to enjoy sex, it’s not nasty to enjoy doing certain things…get to know you. While getting to know your sexuality remember to stay safe and protected get tested and know your status. Don’t let these fools fool you with all that baby I’m safe, we don’t need a condom. F that you better tell them goodnight. Not to mention the STDs out there, but you don’t want to become somebody baby mama just because you wanted to have some fun one night. So go out there enjoy life, enjoy you, and stay safe.


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