Dreams are wild lol

So how about those Panthers lol….man I needed to get that(the last blog) off my chest. So as I slept this morning my mind drifted into a dream state. When I tell you my dreams have been beyond vivid this week. Believe me they were. So this morning as I was sleeping I dreamed about the Italian Stallion. Now see he is this man that I know. He really is the forbidden man. That to touch him would probably send my heart into cardiac arrest. When I see him I always give him this cute smile, I always make sure I look and smell nice…but yet he is unattainable. Man if I get him one day, it might mess up my fantasies but oh well lol. He is the one man that I can’t have, the one man who is barely ever around, but the times he is my mind starts racing. So here we are this morning in my dream. When I tell you I could hear his voice, and feel his body man oh man. I can’t even go into how it felt kissing him in my dream because usually kissing his type don’t work because there lips are usually so much smaller than mine. But OMG I could feel his every touch, feel his breath against my neck. BUT then I woke up…and when I did my heart was beating all super fast. I hated waking up this morning L



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