An ode to Bestie…

I told you I was going to write a nice note…Now stop crying punk(HAHAHA)

Why are we you my friend, I would ask myself…that question isn’t that hard to answer when I really think about it. You know ever since I took your seat that day in class and you spoke to me I knew we would be friends. You know I thought that you would be just another regular friend who I see occasionally not all the time. You have grown on me so much over the last past year that it’s weird. Never in my life have I felt this sort of connection with some one that I could really call my friend. I can tell you anything (even though most of the time you get mad cause I don’t, because I usually mad at you) that I could never tell anyone else. I think back to all those days of following each other around almost 24/7 that was crazy. Every time you see one you see the other, the only time I didn’t see you was when you went to work. Especially being right across the hall with Toya and LaDawn every day that made it so much funnier to me, I remember one day talking about you to them about you during the summer and they was like yeah you live right across the hall. Those were the days right there, sitting in your room “attempting” to watch some anime whether it be Karas, Gungrave ,Hellsing, whatever we tried and watched most of them.

You know why you are such a good friend is because you read me so good (well at least most of the time, sometimes either you skip some or just don’t see something) you always like why this or that. What’s wrong Meko bear??? Yea I’m a sucker for it, but I don’t even care I like it. You always there for me even though most of the time its you I’m mad at…which is really hard to explain to you most of the time (goes back to not being able to tell you everything all the time) but some how I always seem to not stay mad at you. Even though I try to stay mad at you (that’s messed up to say that you have to try to be mad at somebody) which try as I may I can’t. I don’t know what it is about your personality that makes you so likable to everybody, maybe its your smile (which is a very nice one). You are just such an inviting person to everybody, well at least to the people that still like you on campus (hell they probably still you too they just mean mugging). When we in public I don’t understand you sometimes, its crazy. Especially when you do your crazy walks and stuff or like that time you yelling in Wal-Mart parking lot talking about “I don’t have sex anymore” and the man walking by with his wife talking about He got the same problem buddy. You really have me bugging when I’m around you. You know I do be somewhat be sad when you do have to leave cause I be wanting you to stay around me forever. I’m glad you finally figured out when I’m standing by the door when I’m about to leave staring around your room that it means I want a hug or something.

Yeah you say I’m a little crybaby blah blah whatever but I’m not I just an emotional person now a days. I know that you will always be there by my side, even when we like 80 and you rolling around in your wheel chair(all pimped out in black and gold) I know we will still be close. I know true friendship when I see it, you are just a special person to me. Even though you have been through so much pain and drama in your life you don’t let anything hold you back, you push forward with a smile on your face. You know when you smile at me it does brighten up my day, even though most of the time I’m mad at you!?!? And I sit there and try not to smile and do my side smirk. You definitely will talk the talk and walk it too, you always trying to get me to be the best at whatever I’m doing or am going to do. I know you said that you don’t need help, that you can do everything that you’re doing now without help, but everybody needs somebody they can depend on to help them. I know I’m always there for you and you can’t say I’m not(except when I’m mad and turn my phone off). Getting out my bed (well at least I tell you I wasn’t sleep, that better give me some kind of cool points) making a taco bell run because somebody is hungry, come on now.

You know I couldn’t imagine what my life would be like if you wasn’t in sometimes. You really are a brighter in my day everyday, and yes bad things do seem to be written every time you take a journey to somewhere but that is purely “coincidence”. I do be getting somewhat upset (not jealous) when you leave and it tends to get me thinking about the worst of everything possible. I mean I just be bored and don’t have anybody to talk to (most of the time every body else is busy doing something) and I just sit here and start thinking which is not a good thing for me all the time. Back to better things now, you know I’m mad you being trying to fatten somebody up you is the feedinest(yea I just made up a word) person I know, always talking about lets go to such and such and get some food. Dang you really trying to turn me into a stereotypical Zeta. And then you will want somebody to work out and work me like a slave (shucks I be tired yo). But no matter what you or I do I can never say that I don’t love you as a friend, no matter what that will always be there. I’m not even going to trip I do consider you my best friend ever (Sorors yall my best girlfriends). You know what you can always and I mean always get me smiling even though I don’t be wanting to laugh but I do because you so crazy.. And I appreciate all the things that you have ever done for me since we have known each other, whether it was small or big. And no I don’t think you use me for anything, everything that I do for you is because I care about you not because I’m trying to get something (and that’s the same way I feel when you do stuff).

P.S. I can definitely say that being around you is never a dull moment


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