I Love MAC

Well really I love all makeup in general. Recently I have revamped my MAC fixation. Like most people I had a time where some one had turned me off from makeup. It was two years ago and I was going to the Alpha Boat ride during the summer. I said to myself I need to look fly as you know what tonight so I said to myself everyone is always talking about MAC why haven’t I tried it yet. So I drove my big beautiful Chevy Tahoe (I miss you boo lol) to the mall. I made my way to the makeup counter and there were two makeup assistants. Me being the scared person I was chose to go to the one I felt would know how to handle my complexion (aka the black one…I know it was dumb) I figured if you are working for MAC then you know how to work your magic….NOTTTTTTTTTTTT. As I sat in the chair I realized that her makeup was ugly. I didn’t understand how this woman could actually be doing other peoples make up…BUT yet I continued to sit in that chair and let her fug me up. So after that happened I didn’t go back to a mac counter until this year. My first MAC purchase since I had boycotted them  was Hepcat a beautiful purple color. Not to mention that one of my friends had been having me go with her to help her pick out colors. I seem to have a eye for makeup and what looks good on people. I would never have went back if  it wasnt for Princess Tanesha lol. I let a wonderful woman named Brandy do my makeup and it looked beautiful.  Well anyway it started with Hepcat, then the next week I brought Motif, Contrast, and Rasin (blush). Then I just went back two weeks ago and brought Hunid, Antique,Moons Reflection, and some lashes. OMG I have been wasting to much money at the MAC counter. But I can’t help it because I love it all the colors the pigments, everything. Brandy and Katie are the best makeup people ever to grace Independence Mall. They are the kind of make up artists that inspire you to do things you never would do. I love them. The first time I actually let them do my makeup i was scared because I hate to say it but it was because they were white women. I always thought that to do an African Americans makeup you had to be African American, they have proved me wrong. I recently had to cut back because I was planning on going back this weekend but I decided against it because we in a recession. So instead I brought the Coastal Scents 88 color palette($21 bucks for 88 instead of 28 for two MAC shadows). Can’t wait I have been hearing so many things about it that I can’t wait to try it out on my sister, Princess, and myself.

I want some more so : (

I want some more some more : (

Do you MAC???










I can't wait!!!!!



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