Update on Weight Loss Challenge

So I have started my weight loss challenge two weeks ago and I weighed in at 184 pounds American lol. So last week I started making sure that I was working out at least an hour each work out session. I did allot of cardio last week which I should’ve swithced up and did more weights, etc. Anyway my weight loss group is Body by Shrek I do not fit this description at all lmao, but my fellow team mates are big stocky males. So we started our exercise routine as a group this Monday and boy let me tell you it was crucial. The first day we did 50 reps of 9 exercises. Day 1= Feel good but then comes Tuesdays early morning work out. We did assisted pull ups, push ups, sit ups, StairMaster, and the medicine balls. We did 100 reps each of the first three exercises. Day 2+ Day 1+ Previous Weeks exercise= I can barely walk my muscles hurt like I got ran over by a semi!!!! But it will be worth it when after these three months I got my Serena booty( I got a nice one just trying to improve it lol)ย going on and I have my flat stomach. Really the only things I want to adjust are my stomach and tone up my arms aka First Lady style.


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