Womens History Month Look

I’m sorry that my post is going to have to be late for the contest, but I had a family emergency come up. I’m going to try to post it up here tonight after work but with all this stuff that happened this weekend, I’ll be lucky to find the time to even do that.

So it took me a while to finally post something for this I like many makeup looks and I felt that the day I did this I wanted a more natural look.  My inspiration is always my family here are some pics of my sisters, grandma, and mom

As you can see they all enjoy the more natural look so I went for that for my daytime look that day…….BUT I tweaked it a little bit to my liking with the addition of a pink lip and a teal liner for night


Maybelline New York blush in #95 Potpouri

Jordanna Easyliner for eyes in Bliss

HIP Shadow duo in Saucy

Covergirl Amazemint in Plum crazy

And when you mix all these things together you get the finsihed look pictured above

Also check out the other participants who put there finshed looks up on time….










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  1. i really don’t know how to do all that linking stuff yet im fresh to this lol

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