Today I have decided that I’m going to post some of my poetry hope you enjoy

The difference between black and blue

Is the gray matter that now lives between

Flourishing once into carnal delights

Now the time has come for overview

Your insight is muddled damaged at the least

Tattered are the chances to reconcile

Heartstrings are decapitated

Aimlessly frock licking with whatever opens

No understanding of the anguish you create

Passion enkindled but you found a way

To tear at it piece by piece until it was gone

Making a mockery of what was

No care for the souls you devour

With each curve of your lips hearts flutter

But to one like you, just another notch

Another chance to wet your head

Can one so beautiful be so callous

So condescending, so desensitized

Your heart and soul are colder than an arctic breeze

My mind plays tricks on me, I’m torn betwixt

Knowing you sets me afire one moment

And then drains my essence the next

Never has a human been able to cause such distress

Wanting you to stay close

Not ever wanting to be with out

Damaging my soul with each new day

Waiting for that one moment of realization

Where you will see that it was me all along

Stranding the darkness waiting for the light

Shattered is my conscience, story of a broken heart

Foundations have been built around you

Cracking with each new blow to its center

You walk all over it but still I stay

Biting my tongue at any hint of flaw

Covering up the damage that is you

Asking my self is this how you want me to be, torn

In LOVE with a man who doesn’t love you

Wanting to feel that touch if only for a millisecond

Destroying my frame each time we kiss

Sending me into heaven each time we make love

Forever I wait for the day

When my touch will be enough to take your pain away

With out you my stars disappear leaving my sky dark

But still I ask is this what I want, one sided love

Looking at our picture makes me heavyhearted

Untangling myself from you a little at a time

Will it always be this struggle to get you to see

I don’t know how much more I can take before I implode

I know what the difference between black and blue is…

Its you


One Response

  1. you let angels speak in your words,
    that is great by me.

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