Can I love again

Why would I let my heart strain,

Under the weight of your deceit

Why should I allow tears to flow

Never have I felt like this

I hate that I love you with a vengeance

So sick

Letting me down so many times

Thinking it was me,

Feeling as if I was the problem

Was I doing something wrong

My eyes saw the truth,

There’s no denying that at all

Say what you will but I knew

And I know now

My soul feels crushed

My body is void

Feeling as if I’m trapped

In the purgatory of you

Would I rather walk forever

This burden strapped to my chest

Forever feeling the emptiness inside

Is it just a dream, a test of sorts?

Let me wake up

Free me of this hell

Hurt must be in love with me

Feeling his arrows deep within this tomb

Knowing forever it will follow me

It will come back to you

You will feel this grief

This pain will take over

That will be my vengeance


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