Signs your still not over an ex….

So lately it has been an interesting time in my life. It has seemed like everyone that I have ever dated has been making random sexy appearances in my life. While doing so, they have flooded my mind back up to many memories that I have been trying to keep in the back of my head. So in retrospect I have come to the realization that I may not be fully done getting with Mr.Awesome over some. Most of the time for me the best way to get over someone is not to be around them at all, to delete there phone number, giving your friends that little pep talk about how your now exes name is like a curse upon there future children should not be mentioned in your presence anymore, unless they want to deal with the tear fest that will ensue. So I have come up with this handy list of ways to know that you are indeed not over that person.


1. If EVERYTIME you walk by one of the places you had a date at and you go awwwwwwwwww this is where                    took me

2. If your friends get tired of you telling them about the places so they subconsciously stop going near said places.

3. If you see them and you stop midsentence and just stare

4. If after that mid sentence pause you finally start talking only to not make sense to anyone around you, NOT even you.

5. If every time you read their name on a piece of paper you get a tingle that runs through your body

6.  You sometimes find yourself watching their favorite TV show even though you hate it

7. Every time you hear “their” song you listen and jam to it but you really got tired of it months ago

8. You still hate the thought of seeing them with other people

9. Every time you listen to a certain song, you always think of what they said after that song went off. “we definitely didn’t take it      , and         .” 

10. You find yourself wanting to see them and then when you do you wish you hadn’t

11. You find yourself ignoring every other man who has come around because they not going to treat you like “he” did

12. You find yourself finding other miniature versions of them

So I’m not a Dr or anything but I’m thinking if you said yes to at least three of these things that you are probably not over who ever your ex is. Really and truly though the only thing that is ever going to heal you is time and lots of it.  More to come I’m in a writing mood today. Next up: Does Age Really Matter


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