Dating Tips from the Parents 1

It’s amazing how when six letters can cause so much drama in a person’s life. The problems that I see more and more with dating is the lack of respect for the parties involved. It just seems as if women and some men are not demanding the respect they deserve while dating. I used to think that my mom was nagging all of us girls as a kid when she randomly throws out some dating philosophy, or some saying about relationships. I was like my mama surely loves talking about cows and milk, but in reality she was teaching us serious lessons that can make or break your future relationship endeavors. Granted I have not followed every little rule she gave us since I hit puberty, but we all have to learn from our mistakes sometime.


Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free? (Mom, Grandma, everybody)


This was the saying I got the most irritated with hearing about. Even though it irritated me, it rang the truest. Sex ruins things for lots of people, some people use it to control, some use it as a means to survive, but the moment you give in the mystique is gone. This especially rings true about dating, until you are in a relationship with someone I wouldn’t think about having sex with them at all anymore. Everyone knows people who have had friendships, future partners; anything messed up because they decided to engage themselves sexually. You can’t have all the benefits of a relationship with someone and then try to build a relationship afterward. I’m not saying it hasn’t been done in the past, but this is a different day. How many people really once they had sex with someone, thought in their head oh man I can’t wait to marry this person we need to get engaged like right now. That mess doesn’t happen and if it does that person is probably a weirdo or a virgin. That milk doesn’t just include sex, it includes all benefits involving relationships, cooking, cleaning, and living together….speaking of living together


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