Dating Tips from the Parents 2

Don’t shack up (Mom)


I know today is the independent era; everyone wants to live together with their hookups, dates, boyfriends whatever. You do learn a lot about each other with living together, but you also run the chance of smothering that person. I lived with my boyfriend for a couple of years while I was younger like 19-21. Let’s just say it was fun for the first year and then it got annoying. I mean this boy wanted me to be a housewife when I just really started to kind of understand myself, I wanted freedom and what I got was a prison. A self imposed one but a prison none the less. I wanted to be the free independent college student, and actually do things other than focus on academics/athletics which before had been my life but no what I got was go to school, get out of class and go straight into what do you want for dinner, let me help you out with this, oh you want me to ride with you to your parents house ok no problem. I was into a real selfless way of thinking, because I was doing what I was supposed to do, or so I thought. As a college student or as a young adult you shouldn’t have to worry about if someone is going to be mad if you don’t come in by a certain hour. You should be able to be free, and able to just learn from your environment. You need to be able to experiment.


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