Dating Tips From the Parents 3

High School love should probably end at senior year graduation (Dad)


Good ole Dad, I remember the first time he told me some incarnation of this statement. We were riding in the banana boat aka his box style crown Victoria and he started asking me about my then boyfriend. This is the same person I ended up living with for all those years. My dad was like how can you ever know what you really like and dislike when all you have is one subject to base your theories on. You know what dad was right, even though I got mad at the fact that he could sit and try to tell me that my love wasn’t real, I mean this was the person I was going to marry. I didn’t want to experience the world, to me my whole world revolved around me and my ex. But let me tell you after we broke up many, many, many years later. I finally saw what my dad meant. I had based 7 years of life on this one person, and had missed out of really learning what type of person was really compatible with me. Today I can’t say that I have narrowed it down yet, but I know more and more about the traits that will make a great man for me.


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