Back to Black…

So today I got bored and started looking at old pictures of myself and decieded that I’m going back to black hair. Yay! Also I’m about to hit up Walgreens and get some of that BOGO revlon on sale. I know I’m going to buy the Revlon color stay in Mahongany. I have heard so many great things about this makeup and how it is so comparable to to Mac. I watched a lot of Youtube today looking at reviews and the MakeupGeeks review was the best imo. I will also be picking up Feria haircolor in Black Leather.


Just went to Walgreens and they overcharged me for all my stuff, but with that 5.99 over charge I got the Revlon color stay liquid eye pen in black and Riviera Blue FREE…now about to do my hair


So how about that Revlon color stay liquid is just like using a marker and it sucks


So I just saw on another blog somebody actually get that Revlon color stay liquid liner marker to work so now I it was just me being impatient lol

This is what my hair used to look like and what it will look like tonight

This is what my hair used to look like and what it will look like tonight....YES I know I am cheesing to hard it was New Years


From HIP to MAC and back to HIP again :(

So the other day during my drama filled weekend, I decided to leave my makeup (meaning all my freaking MAC) in my car. So I felt so raggedy without my “precious” lol but any way I had to be resourceful with the items that I had left. I had always heard of people sometimes using eyeshadow as blush. Soooo in my quest to not look like one of the living dead I decided to use my trusty HIP duo in Cheeky (ironic I know). Do you know that I have been using that as blush for the last 4 days now because it just looks so nice. I have been digging all into my HIP products now that my MAC is at my moms house until I get back down there. I felt like I was getting my HIPs hopes up but maybe I will start back using them in rotation to my normal MAC stuff.  Now back to work….I just wanted to let it be known that putting Cheeky on your cheeks is BEAUTIFUL!

Womens History Month Look

I’m sorry that my post is going to have to be late for the contest, but I had a family emergency come up. I’m going to try to post it up here tonight after work but with all this stuff that happened this weekend, I’ll be lucky to find the time to even do that.

So it took me a while to finally post something for this I like many makeup looks and I felt that the day I did this I wanted a more natural look.  My inspiration is always my family here are some pics of my sisters, grandma, and mom

As you can see they all enjoy the more natural look so I went for that for my daytime look that day…….BUT I tweaked it a little bit to my liking with the addition of a pink lip and a teal liner for night


Maybelline New York blush in #95 Potpouri

Jordanna Easyliner for eyes in Bliss

HIP Shadow duo in Saucy

Covergirl Amazemint in Plum crazy

And when you mix all these things together you get the finsihed look pictured above

Also check out the other participants who put there finshed looks up on time….