If I’m sick why would I be social???

That is the question that I asked myself hour after hour as I was at the probate at ECSU with Blue and White last weekend. So as I enjoyed the Sigma probate my head suddenly started hurting. I tried to stay interested but to no avail I couldn’t it was a case of the sick Turtles. Thats one thing when I get sick I’m not even going to front I am a baby when I’m sick I need attention, I need comfort, and most of all I need quiet and to be alone. So I made it to the after party, stayed in there about an hour, then I couldn’t take it anymore. So during the time that I left the party a fight broke out where frat got peppersprayed sorors got hit and much more drama. I checked to see if everyone was alright but I still felt like crap so I got back in the car. So we end up having to go to frat house and continue the party there because the cops ran us away. Let me tell you that was the worst five or six hours in my life being coped up in that house with the music on full blast, people strolling everywhere, people drinking, I mean to a sick person this is HELL, to anyone else it would just be fun. So after a constant struggle of trying to fall asleep in the chair I finally got up and went outside and sat in the cold on the porch thinking that would make my head feel better. So as you can see so far I was sick, when you are sick are you a very social person, talking to everyone, or are you a person who would rather deal with it by yourself. Anyway with all the sickness going on I still have to be to work at 2pm that day. So I feel more horrible than usual because I haven’t had any sleep and I’m sick. So around 6am frat says lets go. So we hop in the car and start driving. Now heres another question, if you were peppersprayed 6hours ago would you have been drinking at a party afterward??? Uhm No. So why would this fool yes I called him a fool. Why would this fool want me to drive him back to greenville a 1.5 hour drive from Elizabeth City when I haven’t had any sleep, when I have to drive 2.2 hours from Greenville to get back home, and then go to work on top of all that. I call shenanigans…..I mean really are you that selfish that you would make me drive back for you when you know all this. That is straight BS to me. So I drove him all but 39 miles to Greenville when I couldn’t do it anymore because I was swerving and bought sleep the entire trip. I finally make it to G-ville get in my car and drive back home. So later that night I get a FB message from him telling me how rude I am. I was like how am I rude when I was sick. Then he is telling me that I showed my true colors. I told him if my true colors mean that I’m a sick person then so be it, I told him it was funny that I didn’t change all those other trips we took together when we went to blue and white together for a week, or the trip to Jersey and New York City. Oh but let me think the only difference was that I wasn’t sick. He is officialy what I call a lame. He then is going to conclude his FB message I’m no WEAK dude….lmfao at his ending. But that shows you that all is not love in these orgs. People expect you to act like your there wife,mother, soror, etc you can’t be all these things to these people. I think more or less he was mad cause I turned him down everytime he attempted to get with me, sorry not my type. So now that I have gotten all this off my chest back to my HAPPINESS.

Remember you don’t need nobody to RIDE or DIE for you because frankly the only one that needed to RIDE or DIE for me did it 2000 yrs ago. By the way I told him that too, he didn’t like it. 😀


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